Ark City Chamber Health Plan

Ark City Chamber of Commerce Member Health Plan Update

Dear valued chamber/community member,

Earlier this year we released information via our weekly newsletter, with regard to our exploration of a membership health plan that will be available to all chamber members. This communication is to provide you an update on our efforts, and when to expect more information.

First and foremost, we are working to get this plan up and running for a January 1, 2021 start date. To participate, you must be a chamber member in good standing and hold a corporate/business membership status 30 days (12/1/2020) prior to the plan effective date. This health plan benefit will be available for all businesses, even sole proprietors. Don’t worry, you will know what the rates are before 12/1/2020 to be able to make a decision.

The goal of this program is to come together as a community to provide an economical health insurance option to our businesses, large and small, that focuses on keeping costs down year after year, by implementing forward thinking cost containment strategies to mitigate as many costs as possible. To do this, it is imperative that we have maximum participation in this. So, if you are tired of, and frustrated with outdated insurance of the past, and would like to explore this option with us, please know that you are not obligated at any point during this process to join the plan. However, without max initial participation, we may not be able to provide as favorable rates as we hope to. 

In preparation for this, we have put together a team of 5 members from our very own community, to serve on an insurance board that represents and makes decisions for this health plan. You can have 100% faith and confidence in our team, as it includes local healthcare professionals/administrators, insurance experts, and large employer representation. This team is ultimately responsible for maintaining a fiduciary responsibility for all who participate in the health plan and keeping the best interest of our community as the sole purpose of this effort.

 We are currently working to finalize the Health/Rx/Dental/Vision aspects of the program and are preparing to disclose this information later this month by having our benefits advisor, or community, presentations. The presentations will be hosted at The Burford Theatre where food and drink will be available, on Wednesday, August 26th. We are offering you two opportunities to join us; the first presentation will be at 12:15PM and the second will be at 5:15PM. You should plan for approximately one hour.

During our community presentations, you will be hearing directly from our health plan advisor, Joshua Sapp, who is the President/CEO of Heartland Benefits Group, LLC (HBG). HBG is currently working with a number of Chambers across Kansas, so, with their help, we are hopeful that we will be able to offer this type of program to our community as well.

  It is our hope that you will trust us as we move to implement this valuable benefit to the chamber membership, in an effort to better serve our community in this capacity. Please know that the Chamber is FOR YOU, so, rest assured that we are doing everything that we can to provide necessary, value added benefits to your membership.”